Constructing a Void

In the last post I discussed how System.Void is meant as a placeholder and not meant to actually be instantiated. Being of a rebellious nature, I need no more motivation than that to want to instantiate one. However the .NET team has made some effort to stop attempts to create voids.

However if I really wanted one of these delicious voids, could I get one?

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What is System.Void?

I've recently been taking an interest in the System.Void type. It's an illegal type to reference in C#, so why does it exist?

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Welcome to Dru's Delirium

Hi! If you're reading this it means that I've finally finished coding up my blog and have found a friendly hosting service. I started this site as a personal challenge - I love learning new things and explaining things as I learn; doing that so openly should prove to be an exciting new adventure!

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